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Rishi Sunak ‘was more robotic than Truss today’ as he delivered his first speech following the announcement that he would become the new Prime Minister, a body language expert has said.

Judi James said the incoming leader of the Conservative Party ‘out did his predecessor’, Liz Truss, ‘in the worst way’ during his speech at the Tory party headquarters. 

Mr Sunak was handed the new premiership after a whirlwind few days for British politics following the resignation of Ms Truss just 44 days after she was handed the top job.

Incoming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (pictured) appeared ‘more robotic’ than his predecessor Liz Truss this afternoon as he delivered his first speech in public following the announcement he would the new Tory Party leader, a body language expert has said   

Less than two months ago the incoming Prime Minister lost out to Ms Truss following the Tory party’s summer leadership contest after Boris Johnson quit Number 10.

Talking at Conservative HQ this afternoon, Mr Sunak said the UK is a ‘great country’ and vowed to work ‘day in and day out’ but pointed to serious economic problems.

Speaking to MailOnline, Ms James said that the new Prime Minister is known for a man ‘who delivers with bounce, energy and a smile of charm and confidence’ – but today his first speech was ‘Rishi-less’.

Body language expert Judi James said that the incoming Prime Minister is known for a man ‘who delivers with bounce, energy and a smile of charm and confidence’ but today appeared ‘Rishi-less’

She said: ‘PM Rishi offered only a micro-gesture ‘smile’ of the slightest rounding of his cheeks as he spoke of being ‘humbled and honoured’.

‘Rishi is also the man who, during the hustings, would pick out the cameras and talk straight down the lens to his audience.Today though he stared straight ahead as though reading from one auto-cue.’

Ms James added that the incoming 42-year-old Prime Minister used ‘subtle pumping gestures of his elbows against his ribs as he spoke’ as though he was ‘spurring himself on’.

Speaking to a camera inside Conservative HQ after being welcomed by MPs (pictured), Rishi Sunak said the UK is a ‘great country’ and vowed to work ‘day in and day out’, but pointed to serious economic problems

She said Mr Sunak put emphasis on the word ‘together’ by ‘biting at the word’ making it stand out to ‘suggest an emphasis on unity’.

The calls for togetherness come after a weekend of concerns that the Tory party was once again divided over who best to put forward to replace Ms Truss, with even former PM Mr Johnson being considered.

Body language expert Judi James (pictured) said the incoming Prime Minister did not show ‘the body language of a relaxed and adult-looking statesman’

While the new Tory leader’s words appeared confident, speaking of ‘overcoming’ current challenges for future generations, his body language showed he was not at ease, Ms James said.

She added: ‘This was not the body language of a relaxed and adult-looking statesman come to offer signals, tone and expressions of reassurance to the country, though.

‘It was as though now the moment he had waited for so long had actually come, he overplayed the seriousness of it and Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan lost his normal signature signals of easy-going charm, likeability and persuasive authority.’

Mr Sunak is set to announce his new cabinet as early as tomorrow, with a string of challenges including the dire state of the economy, the war in Ukraine and the migrant channel crisis awaiting him.

Ms Truss’ second chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to stay in the position after he came out in support of the incoming PM yesterday evening.

Penny Mourdant, who only dropped out of the leadership race this morning, became Mr Sunak’s closest challenger during the contest.

Penny Mordaunt ended up being Mr Sunak’s closest challenger for the Tory leadership and, by convention, she should be offered a job in the new PM’s top team

Jeremy Hunt has been tipped to remain as Chancellor, while there has been speculation Suella Braverman could return as home secretary

It is therefore expected, as convention, to be offered a job within the PM’s top team.

Suella Braverman could also make a return as Home Secretary, after quitting under Ms Truss’ premiership last week, which could include dealing with the Channel migrants crisis by delivering on the Rwanda scheme and possibly reforming the UK’s relationship with the European Convention on Human Rights.

In other developments:

  • Mr Sunak seemed to snub former Cabinet minister Matt Hancock as he arrived at CCHQ, passing straight by as he shook hands with other MPs.The pair clashed over Covid lockdowns in government;
  • Tensions have quickly emerged over military spending, with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace having suggested he will quit unless budgets rise to 3 per cent of GDP by 2030 – but Mr Sunak refusing to commit to that level;  
  • The Pound has surged as markets processed the news that Mr Johnson will not fight for a return to Downing Street just seven weeks after he was ousted in a massive Tory coup; 
  • Mr Sunak hinted that Mr Johnson could be given a major foreign policy job saying he still has a contribution to make including ‘abroad’; 
  • Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner said the Tories ‘can’t just keep doling out prime ministers’ as she demanded a general election;  
  • Johnson loyalist Nadine Dorries warned that a general election was now inevitable as no other candidate has a mandate;
  • Frantic action comes after Liz Truss resigned following a disastrous 44 days in No10. 
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